Abul Hossain Assad: The rules of bicycles or bicycles have changed over time. In exterior colors, two-wheeled bicycles are now available in the market. So before buying a bicycle you need to make a decision as to what is needed. There are road bikes only for walking on pavement roads,Continue Reading

Vision: The city streets are bicycle friendly and environmentally friendly. Mission: 1. Creating a strong cycling team in each upazila. Mission: 2. Organize regular cycling events. Mission: 3. Prepare local cyclists for international tours.

A total of 126 km cycling and youth mini marathon competitions have been organized across the district with the participation of youth against militancy, child marriage, dowry, evangelism, drug addiction and acid terrorism. The sports and cultural festival was inaugurated on Tuesday. It was formally inaugurated on Tuesday morning atContinue Reading

Shafiullah Al-Munir, a prominent businessman and donor, is the president of Bangladesh Cycling Federation. On Thursday (May 10), 2018 the President issued a notification on the President’s order announcing the name of Shafiullah Al Munir as President of Bangladesh Cycling Federation. According to the notification signed by Deputy Secretary SardarContinue Reading

Shafiullah Al Munir becomes the new president of Bangladesh Cycling Federation. The name of the new president has been announced through the notification of the National Sports Council. Although he did not have much organizational career, Munir has become well known in sports. Hockey began his organizational career. Munir servedContinue Reading

Mathews Chiran: Many people use bicycles to move from one place to another, or health-conscious people. However, many have questions about how well Dhaka’s roads are suitable for cyclists. In such a case, the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is laying nine kilometers in Agargaon for cyclists. Bicycling on theContinue Reading

Bangladeshi cycling group BD Cyclists signed on to Guinness World Records on December 16 last year after forming the ‘longest single line of running bicycles’. According to the Guinness World Records website, on December 1, 2016 in Dhaka, BDcyclists acquired the longest single line of bicycles made up of 1148Continue Reading

In Agartala, a joint Indian and Bangladesh Army cycling operation has been flagged. Each of the fifteen soldiers in both armies are participating in the operation along with some supporting staff. Commanding Lt. Gen. AS Bedi, the General Officer of the Gajraj Corps, displayed the flag for the campaign on WednesdayContinue Reading